Monday, 21 October 2013

The kindness of strangers

Whilst walking home the other night i came across this pram and car seat by the side of the road just near my house. We have a pram and car seat so i walked past it then i remember my friends Oli and Cono who have just become pregnant with their first baby. They are free spirited wandering missionaries that work with World Harvest and therefore are not the richest people in the world.
This where he story gets investing i think. We had been told by my friends who run a Baptist church here in Orpington that they had some members who lived on our street. We had been meaning to call in and introduce ourselves but with the hectic-ness of moving we had not got around to it.
So there was this pram outside their house on a dark and cold English night. I knocked on the door and a young woman answered , which surprised me as we had been told that the folk who lived gear were elderly. Turns out that she was their daughter and was moving to Ipswich the following morning. She was baptised in the church that we are just about to start going to. At that point her mother pulls up in a car and joins in the conversation. I explain that we are still on leadership at another church but will soon come to Green Street Green Baptist. She says "Thats wonderful, we've been praying for more Christians on this street". So not only do we have a really nice pram for our friends but have started a great friendship with members of this part of the body of Christ.

God loves to connect his family together.

What has God done for you lately?

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