Saturday, 26 October 2013

Table for you madam???

This was a making day. 

You know sometimes you have being days? 

You sometimes have adventuring days? 

You know what I mean ....right?

Today I made a table for a friend of mine who has started back at theological college to study for her second year, she is amazing  as you would never know that she had a serious stroke aged 24 and is now 39, so long term heart patient. One of the most grace filled people i know, so to make it was not a hardship....and i get to enjoy the sun in my yard.

I was given a bunch of wood from my friend the professor (who has sheds full of reclaimed wood) The legs on this table are oak, the frame at the top is pine. The edge of the table top is mahogany and the centre of the table is a long pine board. Usefully the legs already had the joints cut into them (don't know the name of the joints,,,sorry) So it was just a matter of figuring out how to screw it altogether and cut the rebated edge for the pine board to drop into (a few large saw blade marks that shouldn't be there)

It still needs some more sanding and is a little on the wobbly side, but i like it. She was delighted.

What have you made lately?

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