Thursday, 24 October 2013

Make your own fun!

There are two pictures with this blog post.

On one hand you have a lovely wooden London bus.

The shock nearly made me pass out....


A toy kitchen unit for £116, a toy phone for £16 and this lovely bus for over £20. These last two may not sound like a lot but once you have a couple of items then your approaching the cost of a weekly food shop.

As stated on the blog bio i dabble in creativity from time to time so i thought....time to make my own toys.

I also upcycle, freecycle, skip dive and make friends with many building site managers.

In the picture below the car on the left is made from Oak flooring whilst the one of the right is lovingly created from mahogany. Both close grained hard woods as so to not splinter and cause pain to small children. I drew a template on a bit of card and transferred the shape to wood. Using a sliding chop saw I roughed out the shape and finished with some sanding

The wheels are old wooden thread bobbins that you would use on a sowing machine (gleaned from a friends wedding after the event, as they were used to hold place cards, yes I took a lot and looked quite odd in my smart suit with large bulging pockets)

The axles are just 8mm or 1/4 inch dowel fixed with wood glue.

After much time trawling the interwebs for wisdom about what paints are child friendly i ended up talking to my dad who made us wooden toys when i was small who advised me to leave it plain as paint that safe still can peel off.

Personally i think they look rather good.

What can you make today?

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