Monday, 28 October 2013

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

In growing and keeping bonsai over the last 11 or more years I have never really tried to make my own.
I have bought a couple (mostly they died) and vaguely attempted to turn small stick trees into something more.

Though something has changed this last year. I have felt a confidence and an excitement in trying to create my own great looking trees. The pulses of creativity are one of the mysteries of the humanity that i love, when the urge to make, create, write or design comes upon you nothing in the world can tell you that it is wrong (unless of course it is very wrong, then its just wrong!...if you know what i mean) The thought of buying a ready made tree ( i have 3 of these) makes me bored. The thought of finding something wild and making it a healthy and beautiful bonsai....very exciting.

I don't know why....just one of those funny quirks of me

I like the idea that a tree could take ten years to look the way it should. The long process is something that i now like. There is an un-hurried approach to this hobby.

Do some work on a tree.....leave for a year or two....excellent

Do some more work, take another few years off..

Come back it for another year....


What do you find worth waiting for?

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